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Week Three Cultural Blog Post.

February 22, 2015

Thinking Styles

We have just finished Unit One in Dev Bootcamp. It was tough it was fun and most of all it was a lesson to myself about myself. I know that sounds pretty strange but bear with me. One of the main tenants of DBC is feedback. Looking at the feedback I have received over the past three weeks has made it obvious to me what I have to work on.

After getting accepted to DBC we had to fill out a long questionnaire about ourselves and how we think. One of the objects was to identify what type of learner we are. According to Anthony F. Gregorc’s Mind Styles there are four main qualities that people have when it comes to learning and assimilating information. Each type has its’ own strengths and weaknesses. For more information seehere. To quote him “No one is a “pure” style. Each of us have a unique combination of natural strengths and abilities.“ But each person has one stronger “ability” in the way he interacts with learning.

When I took the quiz to test my learning pattern(link is here) overall it was pretty equal with one pattern edging out the others by one point. For me it was Abstract Sequential (AS). Looking at the list of what an AS type of learner likes and dislikes brings me right back to my earlier musing on feedback. In most of my feedback I have been given there is a sentence there about me going too fast or speaking over the other person. Working on this and the rest of the items on the list of what is hard for AS learners will be my personal challenge over the next few months at DBC.