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A Look At Some of The Things I Learned During Phase 0.

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Week One Cultural Blog Post

February 6, 2015

Getting there one step at a time.

Learning is fun, exhilarating, life changing and scary. Looking back at the past week I can see a glimpse of the future. Hard work and much satisfaction is my fate.

It is difficult to take a small fraction of time and extrapolate what will be for the next 18 weeks. But after reading, listening and watching about DevBootCamp I can honestly say that my expectations have stayed true to form. This week is the first taste of a delicious feast. I have been looking for a long time for a structured learning environment where I can learn and grow. I am excited and thankful that I have found DevBootCamp.

After receiving the curriculum I was feeling overwhelmed, so much to do; so little time. However after going through the challenges and seeing how competently they were arranged I feel that I can swim. The greatest thing is that I am not going about it on my own. I have my cohort and instructors to support me. The tools are being given to me but I will have to make them my own.