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Rebuilding My Blog

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Week Nine Technical Blog post


This week one of the challenges were to redo our blog. I decided to use a framework to help accomplish that.

The framework the I chose is called Octopress. I am using it now to generate this blog post. Getting it set up took a lot longer than I initially assumed it would take. Downloading and setting it up was pretty straight forward, the part that gave me the most trouble was how to integrate it with my existing blog that was being hosted by github pages.

To get it to work I had to delete my current repo that contained all of my current data. First I converted all of my previous posts to markdown. I used an online conversion tool and was left with a little bit of formatting to do manually. I then created a new post for each of the older posts. (This is why all of my post written before April have the same date.) The next step was to create a new blank repo on github that pointed to my github page. Then I had to deploy and push my new blog.

After working through many issues I managed to get it live. This is why this blog has a “new and improved” look.