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Week Eight Cultural Blog Post

March 29, 2015

Conflict and How To Deal With It.

Today I will be writing about a conflict I had and looking back at it.

out what is inside it looks like my handbags are a lost but the laptop bag is visible. So now I’m waiting to find out if the laptop is in it.

A few months ago I flew to Fl. with some friends for a wedding. At the airport one of my friends was getting out of hand and acting as if the wedding and the drinking had started. It was very embarrassing walking through the crowded airport with him screaming and cursing I asked him to calm down and to please stop making a scene, he refused and the fight started.

Looking back at the conflict the major emotions I was feeling were embarrassment and frustration. The actions that I took then to try and solve the problem were to speak to him and to try to get him to realize that he was making people uncomfortable.

If I can change the past I would go back and and change the way I spoke to him. I would speak in a calm and collected manner and not show him my aggravation.

I learned from this experience to control my emotions better and not to let the other person see that he or she has effected me.