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Combating Stereotype Threat

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Week Seven Cultural Blog Post

March 22, 2015

Values in my life

Last week I wrote about Stereotype Threat and this week I will be addressing some values in my life that I feel can help me avoid it and work around it.

Some of the times in my life when I’ve been the happiest, the proudest, or the most satisfied have been when I have felt accomplishment and competence. I think that both of these values are important to to have to help yourself and to build self confidence. When a person feels that they have accomplished something noteworthy they are buoyed by that fact and it helps them later on when they fail at something and want to give up.

I think that if someone is experiencing Stereotype Threat they can think back at all they have accomplished and shake off the feeling that they are not good enough just because people think so. Innate self worth is important to everyone in every stage in life.